Methodology to train players smartest and creative

Smartfootball (SF) is an educational methodology of soccer training aimed at brain enrichment. All of the methodology is designed from the point of view of the brain and its needs for growth and optimization. In SF we propose to change the athletes’ brain structurally in order for these changes to help players respond in autonomous, unique and creative ways to the many challenges the game offers on the field.


It is for this reason that our main concern will focus on understanding the structure of the brain, how it works and what incentives are the ones needed in order to provoke specific structural changes. SF is a methodology aimed at “reconfiguring” brains and adapting them to football needs. It also presents itself as an alternative, new paradigm to the existent techniques in football training methodologies.


The XXI century is the century of the brain and we at SF are fully aware of it. Football cannot turn a blind eye to this reality.


The brain is the main working tool and its effectiveness and efficiency is determined by the genome and synaptome.


The genome is the set of inherited genes that remain unchanged throughout each person’s life. By contrast, the synaptome can change and be modified with experience throughout life. It refers to the set of neurons, their connections and their capacity of isolation.


The capacity of this plasticity of modification, however, defines each brain as unique and different and provides each player with specific and unique identity and talent.


The brain is plastic, malleable, and can be changed. It can learn and unlearn throughout life.


This brain plasticity offers the possibility to reconfigure the brain of athletes from an early stage of life and adapt each player to game reality.


Academies and coaches bear responsibility overall for guiding and optimizing brain configuration. Fortunately, future athletes’ brain configurations and their football intelligence and creativity depend on the educational methodology used and the stimuli received by the brain during the training process.


As coaches, we should be concerned with the study and research of the best methods to efficiently stimulate the brains of our players aiming at the result of being able to optimize their brain plasticity potential.


It is for these reasons that SF has removed all de-contextualized training techniques from its methodology. Everything we do is based on problems where coaches will not give the solution but instead help athletes to discover the right answer by using the best tool: the question.


In SF we anticipate the future.

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