If you want to anticipate the training of the future, Smartfootball gives you the tools and the methodology required to develop the most important organ for a football player and the most forgotten, the brain. How does brain of a footballer work? How does it learn? How does it change? How does it decide? How can it be stimulated in order to induce structural changes? How does it favor to create new neural networks? Definitely, how can it improve and optimize the brain of a footballer?


SMARTFOOTBALL is a methodology based in the brain and its plastic capacity. It’s a learning model of brain enrichment with the aim of form smart and creative players. The current methods of training football players are finished, expired and are unable to develop all the potential of a football player. It is necessary re-imagine and re-thinking football and we have done from a new paradigm: football based in the brain..


PRICE: 50€


  •  Introduction to new paradigm, football based on the brain.
  • Justification of theoretical framework.
  • Methodological guide for coach.




  • Symposium attendance (theory and practice) guided by Smartfootball
    technical staff.
  • Possibility to carry on with Smartfootball specific courses
  • Possibility to join the Smartfootball job abroad.
  • Accredited certificate.

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